Plywood Hooks

Birch plywood
Masking tape
Super glue

We are working on generally upgrading our storage possibilities in the apartment and one part is the entrance way.

The hope is that by having specific places for our gear it will be easier to clean up and keep a tidy looking apartment.

We have gotten the shoes stowed away and have gotten a  shelf for small trinkets. Now we need some extra places for our bike helmets  and possibly headphones.


The hooks were designed in Autodesk Fusion 360 and then cut with my CNC-router.

The idea was to have a simple hook which had a keyhole slot for a screw to attach it to the wall. To do so, the hook had to be designed in two pieces and glued together afterwards so all operations could be done from one side.

The design went through a couple of iterations going from a faceted appearance to the more simple and sleek version I ended up with.